Best thing at CBH is the people - we have a huge range of knowledge and experience and are not short of a few characters! Glenn FeinelerSite Supervisor

CBH culture

We exist to create and return value to our growers. We believe the best way to do this is to work as One CBH. This will ensure success for both our growers and ourselves. The way we behave, the way we manage and lead others makes a huge difference to our success and making CBH a safe, fun and secure place to work. These behaviours have been designed by people at CBH to bring our values to life and achieve a One CBH Culture.

One CBH banner

Having the commitment to perform is about being accountable, staying focussed on the goal and delivering standards of excellence.

The strength of many to succeed is about working as One CBH team putting safety first and investing in people. It's about empowering people, developing long term relationships and having fun.

Courage to Change
Having the courage to change is about being innovative and adapting. It's about challenging ourselves and others through honest feedback, and then applying the learning to ensure growth.

Harvest information

Each harvest we recruit anywhere up to 2000 casuals to work on our receival points.



We believe that the best way to meet our purpose is to work as One CBH and live our values of commitment, courage and collaboration.



We offer a wide variety of benefits for our employees, from salary packaging and corporate discounts to health and wellness initiatives to employee awards.

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