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Harvest positions

CBH hires harvest casuals to be samplers and receival point operators. Training and induction is provided for all roles.

Samplers  (Inc weighbridge officer duties)

Sampler with spearSampler at computer

Sampler inspecting grain 2


  • Spear truck to obtain samples using either a manual or hydraulic spear
  • Analyse the samples from every delivery to site, using infratec, computer and manuals
  • Enter the results into the computer
  • Maintain updates of sampling requirements
  • Maintain good hygiene in work areas and on site
  • Includes weighbridge duties
  • You may be asked to do other duties on site, as directed by your supervisor


Receival Point Operators 

RPO on grid sweeping RPO on grid pre tipping

 RPO on grid truck tipping


  • Clean and prepare grain storages for filling
  • Fill grain storages by monitoring grain flows onto a grid, and by using portable and fixed machinery around site
  • Check grain flows for quality requirements
  • Maintain storages and site in a hygenic condition (sweeping, blowing, using air lances, brooms and other equipment)
  • Assist with the outloading of grain into trucks and rail wagons
  • Assist in the tarping of grain stacks
  • You may be asked to do other duties on site, as directed by your supervisor

Physical requirements for all roles

In order to carry out the duties as designated, all seasonal casuals will be required to:

  • Bend, stretch, lift, carry and climb
  • Stand for long periods
  • Work at heights above ground level with use of safety equipment
  • Walk along steel mesh walkways with side rails above ground level (up to 30metres)
  • Work in confined spaces
  • Work in areas with high grain dust concentrations (respiratory & eye protection available)
  • Work exposed to outside elements
  • Comply with CBH Sun Protection and Heat Stress Workplace Health and Safety Standards - this means all staff will be required to wear long sleeved shirts and long pants at all times. Stout leather footwear is also required to be worn by all staff.


Harvest information

Each harvest we recruit anywhere up to 2000 casuals to work on our receival points.



We believe that the best way to meet our purpose is to work as One CBH and live our values of commitment, courage and collaboration.



We offer a wide variety of benefits for our employees, from salary packaging and corporate discounts to health and wellness initiatives to employee awards.

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