Harvest Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old do I have to be to apply?
You have to be at least 17 years as at 1 October 2021.

2. Do I need to attach a resume?
Yes. You will need to attach a brief resume when you complete your application – this will speed up your application as it pre-fills all of the required information we need. Need a resume template? Download one here

3. Why can't I share an email address?
Your email address is your unique system identifier.

4. How will I be contacted after I submit my application?
All communication will be via email or in some instances via text or phone call. It is important that you keep an eye on your emails and also your junk/spam folder for any correspondence regarding your application.

5. How does CBH select its harvest employees?
The final selection of harvest casuals is based upon several factors including the grain season, experience, and commencement date, ability to attend training, preferred zone/area/site and preferred position. We also medically assess your ability to perform the inherent requirements of the role.

6. What are the hours of work like?
Hours vary from day to day and will be dependent on the harvest conditions and weather. Shifts can be up to 12 hours long and in some cases working 13 days out of a 14 day period. As we operate 7 days a week, this includes working on weekends and public holidays

7. How much will I get paid?
Your hourly rate will depend on the position you are appointed to and the level of experience you have. Your hourly rate of pay will be confirmed to you upon placement.

8. When do I get paid?
Payroll is processed weekly in arrears on a Wednesday. The day that your pay will reach your bank account is dependent upon the bank you are with

9. Do I get paid for the training that I attend?
Yes - provided that you satisfactorily complete the required training.

10. How do I track earnings to report to Centrelink?
We will email you your weekly payslip outlining your hours worked and earnings. It is up to you to keep a record of these to provide to Centrelink if required.

11. When does the harvest season start and finish?
Generally the season starts in October and finishes in December. It is important to note that all seasons are different. Harvest work is dependent on many factors for example, weather and grower timing of Harvesting. Start and finish of harvest work may vary each year.

12. How do I work at the same site as my friend/partner/family member?
There is no guarantee that we can place you together, however when you are completing your application ensure you nominate the same zone and site as your friend/partner/family member.

13. What is long and long?
Long and long refers to long sleeve shirt and pants that must be worn on all sites.

14. What should I bring when I go to site?
As some of our sites can be very isolated, the essentials include:

  • Food - those staying on site in remote locations will need enough for two weeks
  • Water and a Water bottle
  • Sunscreen - provided on site but always a good idea to bring your own
  • Composite toe boots
  • Long pants (for work)
  • Wide brim hat - CBH will provide you with one but you may like to bring an extra
  • Sunglasses

15. Is accommodation available?
Yes some sites do have basic accommodation available.
If you require accommodation, please indicate this in your application. Before arriving on site, please confirm what facilities are available with the local regional office.

16. Who do I contact if I have further queries that aren’t answered here?
Please email hrhelp@cbh.com.au or call (08) 9237 9670

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