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Being part of harvest is a great experience where you work with a really diverse group of people, get to be part of the local farming community and earn really good wages.  But this doesn't come without challenges!

You may work in remote areas up to 100 kilometers from the nearest town, in the middle of summer the conditions are very hot and dry, you are working constantly in grain dust and the hours are long, up to 12 hours per day with two days off within a 14 day period.

Growers throughout Western Australia harvest their grain and arrange its transportation to a CBH receival site....

...On arrival, a Sampler takes a sample of the grain, assesses it to determine the grade and quality, and enters the results in a computer....

....The truck is weighed and a Receival Point Operator (RPO) oversees the unloading of the grain onto a grid....

...and RPO continues to maintain the storage area where the grain will move to.


  • In order to carry out the duties as designated, all seasonal casuals will be required to:
  • Bend, stretch, lift, carry and climb
  • Stand for long periods
  • Work at heights above ground level with use of safety equipment
  • Walk along steel mesh walkways with side rails above ground level (up to 30metres)
  • Work in confined spaces
  • Work in areas with high grain dust concentrations (respiratory & eye protection available)
  • Work exposed to outside elements
  • Comply with CBH Sun Protection and Heat Stress Workplace Health and Safety Standards - this means all staff will be required to wear long sleeved shirts and long pants at all times. Stout leather footwear is also required to be worn by all staff.

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